Improve Your Business Curriculum With These 10 Online Courses

Harvard Business School – Sustainable Business Strategy

What better time to think about long-term leadership than now?

For those who wish to make a real difference in the world, Harvard’s three-week “Sustainable Business Plan” course is perfect. You’ll learn how to expand your business while simultaneously working to address some of the world’s most important societal problems by covering subjects like climate change, income inequality, and social injustice.

Northwestern University – Content, Advertising, and Social IMC

The ‘Content, Ads, and Social IMC’ course, which is available on Coursera, is suitable for those involved in digital marketing and social media.

You’ll learn how to manage oversaturated social media, create compelling content for target markets, and leverage platform-specific marketing to build market share in just four weeks.

The University of Hong Kong – FinTech Ethics and Risks

HKUx’s six-week course is an introduction to the field of FinTech, and it’s great for those interested in a future in the financial services industry.

You’ll hear how FinTech can support or affect people all over the world in the course. You’ll also hear about the numerous ethics problems affecting finance and new developments, such as artificial intelligence (AI), as well as the impact they have on companies.

Harvard Business School – Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

Emerging economies have always been a hot subject, so it’s more important than ever for business people to consider how global markets function.

This need is met by HBS’s course “Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies.” Students will have the ability to learn and address complicated social issues by creating their own innovative market ideas over the span of six weeks.

Yale University – Capitalism: Success, Crisis, and Reform

Since politics and industry are often intertwined, it is important for business students and employees to grasp political science principles.

‘Capitalism: Progress, Recession, and Change,’ a Yale course, is an outstanding guide to the social environment we live in. It will provide you with an invaluable insight into how economics, politics, and culture intersect by discussing issues that are important to our everyday lives, such as the economy, poverty, public health, and human potential.

The Open University – Developing your leadership style

This Open University course is suitable for young people who want to develop their own leadership style.

Students can obtain a comprehensive knowledge of various leadership models, which they will extend to their present and/or future work. Modules on leadership in 21st-century organizations, adaptive leadership, and leadership experience are included in the course.

Stanford University – Game Theory

Game theory is now a very popular subject in popular culture, but where did it come from and how do we use it in our everyday lives?

Students will be driven through numerous principles of game theory, including real-life examples of politics, industry, and culture, in Stanford’s online course. Students can learn how to recognize multiple games, ranging from repetitive games to coalitional games, as well as how to solve problem sets.

Coventry University and the Institute of Coding – Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies for Business Planning and Decision-making

AI is becoming increasingly relevant in the corporate world, and it will most definitely have a long-term effect on how people do business.

This course will show you how artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and processes will assist companies in both human and automatic strategy and decision-making. Data sources, information acquisition, knowledge representation, and value development are only a couple of the subjects discussed in this course.

LinkedIn Learning – Finance Essentials for Small Business

If you’re considering starting a company, now is a fantastic time to brush up on your entrepreneurship and financial skills.

Two BYU Marriott School of Business professors will take you through numerous management techniques that will help you expand your small business more rapidly and easily.