How Does Technology Have the Potential to Save University Enrollment in Difficult Times?

The pandemic of the coronavirus is impacting higher education. Universities all over the world have had to rapidly transfer their activities online and come up with new ways to attract students to apply.

To learn more, our CEO Nunzio Quacquarelli spoke with Donatella Sciuto, Vice-Rector of Politecnico di Milano.

Vice-Rector Sciuto said, “The quality of Politecnico stems from the quality of the people, scholars, and teachers that we have here – but also the students.”

Italian Politecnico students were hired before the pandemic via an in-person exam, which has now been moved online and will be available for the first time next month.

“Despite all of the challenges [of the Covid-19 outbreak], I will encourage prospective students to make good use of their time,” Vice-Rector Sciuto said. When things get difficult, people give it their all, as we’ve seen from our professors and technical staff.

“My recommendation is to take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers, such as taking classes online.

Vice-Rector Sciuto states that Politecnico has taken advantage of all “technological resources,” including providing 50 MOOCs on its e-learning site and developing interactive classes, live streams with professors, and online graduations for prospective and current students.

“I agree that online learning will become an important part of course delivery,” she added. […] We’ll do our utmost to blend the best of all worlds.

“I am hopeful that this generation will truly comprehend the meaning of the moment we are witnessing and will grow bigger, with new ideas and expectations for the future.”